Special Serial Dating Episode is FIRE !!!

4 Powerful Episodes ALL INCLUDED:
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People are good at two things... Hooking Up, and Breaking Up. Forget healthy relationship skills, many are crashing head-first into a "Dating Brick Wall." -

- God who?
- God when?
- Serial Dating
- Dating while sickly
- Lord, what about my list?

All of these questions and issues run through our minds. Like a mad grocery store shopper, your checklist is prepared. The problem is, you're NOT on it. It's a laundry list of what the other person must be or bring to the table, but you somehow forgot to include all of your scary issues that keeps chasing people away.

DATE NIGHT! is going to bless you. Stream all four episodes NOW! (No need to download) - Enjoy!

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Five Relationship Episodes:
"How To Find Love"

Finding LOVE can be a challenge. Especially if it's true love that you're seeking for. Watch all 5 Episodes Now.

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